Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It has been quite some time since I have updated this little blog I started.  Vintage Kandy has been doing better then we could of ever imagined! I can remember our first sale and how excited and nervous we were to put our goodies out in to the world.  I can remember hitting 20 and 50 and thinking oh my goodness little vintage kandy pieces are all over the US and the UK and even AUS...SO wild! So awesome! and the feedback we continue to get is so sweet and has boosted us to keep doing what we love to do! Now we have reached the grand 100 sale mark and beyond it is just unbelievable and yet so great to feel that what we are doing is loved by others just as much as us ♥ We are so blessed to have met such wonderful people through etsy conversations and we truly feel connected to these wonderful expecting mothers and sweet gift givers.  Seeing the sweet baby pictures of them rockin' our items just  melts our hearts and honestly, is just the best feeling ever! So I wanted to take time out and say THANK YOU! to all our wonderful customers!! You are the best and have brought so much joy to us we can only hope your VK items bring you just as much to you and yours. 

Sincerely, Mariah @ team vk

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