Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It has been quite some time since I have updated this little blog I started.  Vintage Kandy has been doing better then we could of ever imagined! I can remember our first sale and how excited and nervous we were to put our goodies out in to the world.  I can remember hitting 20 and 50 and thinking oh my goodness little vintage kandy pieces are all over the US and the UK and even AUS...SO wild! So awesome! and the feedback we continue to get is so sweet and has boosted us to keep doing what we love to do! Now we have reached the grand 100 sale mark and beyond it is just unbelievable and yet so great to feel that what we are doing is loved by others just as much as us ♥ We are so blessed to have met such wonderful people through etsy conversations and we truly feel connected to these wonderful expecting mothers and sweet gift givers.  Seeing the sweet baby pictures of them rockin' our items just  melts our hearts and honestly, is just the best feeling ever! So I wanted to take time out and say THANK YOU! to all our wonderful customers!! You are the best and have brought so much joy to us we can only hope your VK items bring you just as much to you and yours. 

Sincerely, Mariah @ team vk

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

new vk - blanket in blue skies

we listed a new vintage kandy blanket today.  This is the last of the ones I had all photographed, edited and ready to list.  I already have 3 more to get "listing prepared" and they are CUTE! A little more bright and cheery since we have been doing a lot of shabby chic. 

I sure wish the sun would come out to play today, Mariah

Thursday, July 21, 2011

my lovely new quilt

I found this so amazing I can't believe someone would donate this quilt at a local thrift store for $20.  It was one of those I know I know I have already bought 3 other bed quilts/duvets recently and they are waiting their rightful turn on my bed.  But this one absolutely trumps them all!!! I am sooooo in love with this treasure and so grateful to whomever took the time and hard work to make it.  The colors are so stunning and I can jut gawk at it for long periods of time taking in all of the color combos.  I can't wait to put her on my bed!!  She has truly found a loving new home! I shall treasure her always.  THANKS UNIVERSE!!

first sale on etsy!

Today we had our first ever sale on etsy. It was a custom order and the lovely lady purchased two of our blankets. We are so excited and have already got to work making them. I feel so blessed!

Also we picked up a couple new sheets today!

cleaning up the craft studio

Today while my Mom was sewing up another blanket I decided it was time to clean up our work studio. For some reason we have managed to not consistently put things back where they belong..shocking! So every now and then I like to re-organize it all. I've done this my whole life, I think it must be the interior designer within me. I just like a fresh new perspective every once and a while. When I was a child I would literally draw out floor plans and measure everything to see where things could work. My mom on the other hand has a really hard time of seeing anything other then the way it already is..strange! So a few days ago I cleaned up our vintage sheet stash, getting rid of the top shelf dedicated to regular old fabric leaving my awesome mini-me vintage hutch (thrifted) as a shrine to awesomeness! Today I tweaked our layout, re-purposed our work tables, and organized our two large storage cabinets. Trying to make everything have a place from papers, to stamps, to paint, to fabric, to ribbons...etc... is quite a daunting task and a constant work in progress. It took all afternoon to re-work but it looks fresh and well almost clean and ready for crafting!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

my little fur baby turned 2

the birthday girl!
are we done yet?
The 17th of July marked my little baby girl Basil Ann Margarette's 2nd Birthday.  I handmade her a cute little curly ribbon tutu made out of dollar store ribbon and the cutest little present topper for her crown.  I simply used the concept of those popular DIY tie on tutus.  It took 2 sets of the curly ribbons (they had 3 bunches on each) I tied them around some elastic an viola!! a perfect STUNNING ribbon puppy tutu.  For her crown I just simply kept the cardboard backing on the bow and stapled a strap of elastic on either side to create a neck strap (desperately trying to keep that sucker on for as long as possible). 
the amazing puppy party set
I think it turned out super awesome for a three dollar party outfit! I even made a decorative collar for my parents dog Bogey.  They were a hit with my Mom and I but the boys of the family just don't understand the glamor.

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