Monday, July 18, 2011

my little fur baby turned 2

the birthday girl!
are we done yet?
The 17th of July marked my little baby girl Basil Ann Margarette's 2nd Birthday.  I handmade her a cute little curly ribbon tutu made out of dollar store ribbon and the cutest little present topper for her crown.  I simply used the concept of those popular DIY tie on tutus.  It took 2 sets of the curly ribbons (they had 3 bunches on each) I tied them around some elastic an viola!! a perfect STUNNING ribbon puppy tutu.  For her crown I just simply kept the cardboard backing on the bow and stapled a strap of elastic on either side to create a neck strap (desperately trying to keep that sucker on for as long as possible). 
the amazing puppy party set
I think it turned out super awesome for a three dollar party outfit! I even made a decorative collar for my parents dog Bogey.  They were a hit with my Mom and I but the boys of the family just don't understand the glamor.

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