Thursday, July 21, 2011

cleaning up the craft studio

Today while my Mom was sewing up another blanket I decided it was time to clean up our work studio. For some reason we have managed to not consistently put things back where they belong..shocking! So every now and then I like to re-organize it all. I've done this my whole life, I think it must be the interior designer within me. I just like a fresh new perspective every once and a while. When I was a child I would literally draw out floor plans and measure everything to see where things could work. My mom on the other hand has a really hard time of seeing anything other then the way it already is..strange! So a few days ago I cleaned up our vintage sheet stash, getting rid of the top shelf dedicated to regular old fabric leaving my awesome mini-me vintage hutch (thrifted) as a shrine to awesomeness! Today I tweaked our layout, re-purposed our work tables, and organized our two large storage cabinets. Trying to make everything have a place from papers, to stamps, to paint, to fabric, to ribbons...etc... is quite a daunting task and a constant work in progress. It took all afternoon to re-work but it looks fresh and well almost clean and ready for crafting!!

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